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Do you want to start playing the Modern Blues and Licks without confusing scales or hard to understand theories?

  • What you're going to study

    In this course, you will learn all the scales you need to improvise on the Blues with a modern and evolved language! One lesson a week to study according to your time. Davide Pannozzo will be your personal guitar coach. You will study 21 scales, you'll get HD videos, more than 80 licks, original jam tracks and a personalized feedback for each video you submit.

  • What you get for each lesson

    A theoretical written analysis for each scale, a jam track to practice on, an HD video of improvisation, brand new licks built on that scale! Teaching assistance for each lesson: Davide will review your work and send a response with advice on how and where to improve your playing.

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Introducing Scale Concepts For Modern Blues Guitar...The New Interactive Guitar Method by Davide Pannozzo that levels-up your Blues playing using the exact same tools and tricks that Modern Blues Masters like Robben Ford, Matt Schofield, Oz Noy use, making it easy for you to unlock your guitar playing and boost your live gigs! 


Imagine what it would be like to...

  • Easily know and apply all the scales you can use on the Blues and easily play them over the chord changes
  • Quit worrying about what scale you could use over specific chords
  • Get better gigs, and watch your social media accounts grow with new followers and likes showing your new skill on the guitar!
  • Stop wasting money on a one-to-one guitar lesson or searching your answers on YouTube for hours

Now imagine what it would be like to accomplish those things easily.



In fact, you can ask big names of the Modern Blues to give you private lessonsUnfortunately, if they agree to do that, they also charge even $200 per hour.


That's why you're going to love Scale Concepts For Modern Blues Guitar.


New Teaching Method Helps You Unlock Your Guitar Playing Faster, even if you're not so advanced!!


Meaning you can get better gigs that you're getting now without hiring an expensive teacher! 


You feel stuck in your style, playing the same pentatonic scales over & over again?


With this course, you will know EVERY tool you can use to make your style more interesting and... tasty!


Need a guide to understand EXACTLY what step to take to level-up your playing?


I'll guide you through this path using the same formula as hundreds of students around the world are using already with incredible results!


With Scale Concepts, you'll know all the scales used by the best Modern Blues guitar players in the world including Robben Ford, Matt Schofield, Oz Noy, Carl Verheyen.


Scale Concepts will teach you new skills no matter what is your genre!


Scale Concepts works for all genres. Even if... You're playing Rock, Funk, Pop, Jazz Music!


If You can keep your guitar in your hands You Can easily Develop Your Own Style with This Course!


Scale Concepts For Modern Blues Guitar is incredibly easy to use, even if you don’t think you’re a good guitar player (yet!).

With Scale Concepts For Modern Blues Guitar you will get:

  • A proven method used by hundreds of students all around the world with HUGE results.

  • You'll know EVERY scale used by the greats on the Modern Blues.

  • You'll be guided by a professional Blues artist with more than 15 years of experience in the field, with 6 albums and hundreds of concerts around the world and top-class collaborations. 


If you had to pay one-to-one lesson with a professional teacher to show off all of the scales you get with "Scale Concepts", it would cost you $1,500 or more.


You can get "Scale Concepts For Modern Blues Guitar" for ONLY $59 / month x 5 months or $269 one-time-payment fee (-10% off the toal).


Because Scale Concepts has limited spots and it's available at a discounted rate for a limited time buy it today to lock in special pricing before the rate goes up!




If you're not completely satisfied with the professional results you get from Scale Concepts, every penny of your purchase will be refunded, no questions asked.


What Students Are Saying

  • Great Course and Teacher

    Jarrett Cotham

    I started taking Scale Concepts w/ Davide a couple months ago. The course lets you move at your own pace. Davide has been continuously available to answer q...

    Leggi di Più

    I started taking Scale Concepts w/ Davide a couple months ago. The course lets you move at your own pace. Davide has been continuously available to answer questions. He is well rounded in his musical knowledge. Some people are well rounded in music knowledge, but dont have the ability to teach. Davide is both. He can show you areas of improvement you probably would not think of. The course is great, but I also highly recommend taking lessons to supplement the course every few weeks or so. If you're looking at this course and considering it, you're probably at a place where you are willing to put the work into your music. With this course and the instruction of Davide, you are in a great position to grow in your craft. I've been playing guitar all my life and have been focused on the blues for about the past 12 years. Over the past couple years I have been "burned out" with my playing. Davide has helped me get back in touch with my music and has helped make it fun again. The course is easy to navigate and the lessons over skype w/ Davide are the same as being in the room w/ an instructor.

    Leggi Meno
  • Excellent Course!

    Cem Can

    If you are looking for one on one feedback this is a great course for you. Davide provides very clear direction and instructions in assignments that helped...

    Leggi di Più

    If you are looking for one on one feedback this is a great course for you. Davide provides very clear direction and instructions in assignments that helped me to progress . I really appreciate the personal feedback and attention that Davide provides on a personal level and that is very specific to my work in the class. I highly recommend this course, Davide is great to work with.

    Leggi Meno

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