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Interested in learning how to play on chord progressions of the Modern Blues?

Looking for a course who can help you to build up a repertoire and improve your playing effectively?

  • What you're going to study

    In this video course, you will learn how to improvise on some of the most famous songs and chord progressions in the Jazz Blues tradition! We will discuss how to analyze the song and approach improvising over it. Together we will build a repertoire that will improve your playing effectively. I will teach you my approach giving you note by note transcriptions and detailed harmonic overview of each standard.

  • What you get for each lesson

    A theoretical written analysis for each song and improvisation, a jam track to practice on, an HD video of improvisation, note-by-note transcription of each video! Teaching assistance for each lesson: Davide will review your work and send a response with advice on how and where to improve your playing.

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Course curriculum

Which songs you're going to play:

  • 1


    • Introduction
    • How to use the teaching material?
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  • 2

    Cantaloupe Island

    • Video Demonstration
    • Harmonic Overview
    • Interactive Tabs
    • "Cantaloupe Island" (Transcription)
    • "Cantaloupe Island" (Backing Track)
    • Feedback "Cantaloupe Island"
  • 3

    The Thrill Is Gone

    • Video Demonstration
    • Harmonic Overview
    • Interactive Tabs
    • "The Thrill Is Gone" (Transcription)
    • "The Thrill Is Gone" (Backing Track)
    • Feedback "The Thrill is Gone"
  • 4

    All Blues

    • Video Demonstration
    • Harmonic Overview
    • "All Blues" (Transcription)
    • Interactive Tabs
    • "All Blues" (Backing Track)
    • Feedback "All Blues"
  • 5

    Cissy Strut

    • Video Demonstration
    • Harmonic Overview
    • Interactive Tabs
    • "Cissy Strut" (Transcription)
    • "Cissy Strut" (Backing Track)
    • Feedback "Cissy Strut"
  • 6


    • Video Demonstration
    • Interactive Tabs
    • Harmonic Overview
    • "Summertime" (Transcription)
    • Interactive Tabs
    • "Summertime" (Backing Track)
    • Feedback "Summertime"
  • 7

    Help The Poor

    • Video Demonstration
    • Harmonic Overview
    • Interactive Tabs
    • "Help The Poor" (Transcription)
    • "Help The Poor" (Backing Track)
    • Feedback "Help The Poor"
  • 8

    The Chicken

    • Video Demonstration
    • Harmonic Overview
    • "The Chicken" (Transcription)
    • Interactive Tabs
    • "The Chicken" (Backing Track)
    • Feedback "The Chicken"
  • 9


    • Video Demonstration
    • Harmonic Overview
    • Interactive Tabs
    • "Sunny" (Transcription)
    • "Sunny" (Backing Track)
    • Feedback "Sunny"
  • 10

    I Put A Spell On You

    • Video Demonstration
    • Harmonic Overview
    • Interactive Tabs
    • "I Put A Speel On You" (Transcription)
    • "I Put A Spell On You" (Backing Track)
    • Feedback "I Put A Spell On You"
  • 11

    So What

    • Video Demonstration
    • Harmonic Overview
    • Interactive Tabs
    • "So What" (Transcription)
    • "So What" (Backing Track)
    • Feedback "So What"
  • 12

    Chicken Dog

    • Video Demonstration
    • Harmonic Overview
    • Interactive Tabs
    • "Chicken Dog" (Transcription)
    • "Chicken Dog" (Backing Track)
    • Feedback "Chicken Dog"
  • 13

    Fee Fi Fo Fum

    • Video Demonstration
    • Harmonic Overview
    • Interactive Tabs
    • "Fee Fi Fo Fum" (Transcription)
    • Fee Fi Fo Fum (Backing Track)
    • Feedback "Fee Fi Fo Fum"


  • How long is the course?

    The course "Jazz & Blues Standards Soloing" will last 6 months. Every 15 days, from the date of your enrollment, you will find a new lesson.

  • How does it work?

    Students will receive a new lesson every 15 days. For each lesson, each student will get an overview of the topic, backing tracks and an HD video in which Davide Pannozzo will show how to approach the song. At the end of each lesson, there will be a chance to send your own work: a video that shows your playing on which you will receive a feedback from Davide in order to proceed to the next lesson. Sending the elaborate is not mandatory unless you want to get a final certification of the course. But it is highly recommended, even to get the 100% of the potential of the course. Each student can submit their work, with the cadence who prefers managing the workload as they want.

  • There will be tabs available for each improvisation? Can I download the material?

    Yes, there will be tabs for each improvisation! A note by note transcription plus a specific overview for each of them! The audio and video are not downloadable but 365 days 24/7 accessible online! This allows the teacher to have detailed statistics about each student and following up with each one with the most profit. The material is available online at any time, even after the end of the course, with no expiring date!

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